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  Men's Masters    
tl Masters Champions tr
  2012 Masters Champions - Jagermeister
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tl Pictures from July 2nd tr
  Photos from Monday by Clark Bell
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tl Day 3 - July 2nd Report tr
Men’s Masters Results for Monday 7/2

Jagermeister 10, Adrenaline 9 in OT

In this heated Masters championship game, Adrenaline held the lead up until the fourth quarter when Jager attackman James Kappler scored to bring the count to 9-9. The game was decided when Kappler scored again in the final second of overtime. Jager attackman Marc Digovanni also helped the team along with two goals and three assists. Adrenaline goalie Alex Smith repeatedly fended off the Jagermeister shots with a total of 13 saves. Chris Bok, an Adrenaline midfielder, made his mark with a hat trick and an assist.

3rd Place
Hulu 12, Olympic Club 2

The third-place game of the Masters division was decided quickly as Hulu crushed Olympic Club. Hulu midfielder Jim Loffredo continued to impress as he won a total of nine face-offs.  Kevin McLane, a Hulu attackman, racked up a total of four goals. Despite the loss, Mike Leonard was a strong presence on the Olympic Club defense.

Consolation Championship
PowerTek 11, Silver Oysters 5

PowerTek sped past the Silver Oysters on the last day of Masters play. Joseph Mills helped PowerTek to consistently hold possession by winning a total of eleven face-offs.

Staff Alert 9, Buddha’s Ballers 4

Tournament director Jim Soran came out of a decade-long hiatus and scored two goals to help the staff team win over Buddha’s Ballers.

Middlebury over Vendetta’s FF

Final Rankings
1st place- Jagermeister
2nd place- Adrenaline
3rd place- Hulu
4th place- Olympic Club
5th place- PowerTek
6th place- Silver Oysters
7th place- Middlebury
8th place- Vendetta’s
9th place- Buddha’s Ballers

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tl Day 3 - July 2nd Report tr
  Keeper of Lacrosse
#1 - Kevin McGurn - Goalie - Hulu
(The Keeper Project is a grassroots movement focused on protecting and promoting the values of lacrosse. It is critical that each generation who played the sport own the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity and spirit of the game for future generations. The game is in your hands. Take good care of it. more info)

Most Valuable Player
#9 - Marc Digovanni - Jagermeister

#42 - Bobby Magrin - Adrenaline
#9 - Ryan Wheeler - Vendetta's
#20 - James Kappler - Jagermeister

#13 - Mike Roth - Adrenaline
#30 - Bill Edell - Jagermeister
#33 - Chris Bok - Adrenaline

Faceoff Midfielder
#3 Jim Loffredo - Hulu

Long Stick Midfielder
#7 - Ben Focht - Hulu

#4 - Brad Kerwin - Adrenaline
#18 - Josh Rachman - Jagermeister
#15 - Eric Kontagyris - Olympic Club

#26 - Alex Smith - Adrenaline

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tl Pictures from July 1st tr
  Photos from Sunday by Clark Bell
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tl Day 2 - July 1st Report tr
Men’s Masters Results for Sunday 7/1


Jagermeister 12, Olympic Club 6 - scoresheet
Olympic Club was right on Jager’s heels for an intense first half of the game.  The second half got a little more relaxed as Jager widened their lead. James Kappler of Jagermeister helped the team win with four goals.

Adrenaline 8, Hulu 7 - scoresheet
This heated semi-final game went to overtime thanks to Adrenaline’s Bobby Magrin, who had a total of six goals, including the game-winning overtime goal. The efforts of Hulu goalie Kevin McGurn were nothing short of impressive, however, with a total of 18 saves. Both teams held their own and maintained intensity throughout the game, but it was Adrenaline who managed to come out on top. 

Silver Oyster 10,  Buddha's Ballers 3 - scoresheet
Power Tek 14, Middlebury 4

A Preview of Photos from Staff Photographer Clark Bell:

Team Adrenaline’s Bobby Magrin scored six goals, including the game winner in overtime. The Women’s Elite tournament kicked off with pool play down in Edwards. The Big Green Herd won two games to advance to the Men’s Elite quarter-finals. Keeping cool at the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout!

Men’s Masters Schedule for Monday 7/2

12:30pm - Athletic Field - Team Adrenaline vs. Team Jagermeister

3rd place
2:30pm - Athletic Field - Hulu vs. Olympic Club

5th Place - Consolation Championship
10:30am - Athletic Field - Silver Oysters vs. PowerTek

8:30am - Athletic Field - Buddha’s Ballers vs. Staff Alert
1:30pm - Vail Mountain School - Vendetta’s vs. Middlebury

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tl Pictures from June 30th tr
  Photos from Saturday by Clark Bell
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tl Day 1 - June 30th Report tr
  Results for Saturday 6/30

Vendetta's 15, Buddha's Ballers 6 - scoresheet
Vendetta’s came out strong and continued to dominate the game all the way through. Ryan Wheeler, a Vendetta’s attackman, was the most consistent scorer on the field. Michael Goerne and Darin Tinger helped the team to keep possession by consistently winning face-offs.

Team Adrenaline 15, Silver Oyster 2 - scoresheet
Team Adrenaline started out strong and continued to dominate the entire game. Defense did a solid job of clearing the ball and preventing scoring opportunities. Adrenaline’s Kale Nelson finished the game out with a quick hat trick.

Olympic Club 14, Middlebury 5 - scoresheet
Olympic Club dominated the majority of the game, OC’s Greg Lawler had a hat trick with a behind the back goal to finish his three goal run, in addition  Brad Graw also had a hat trick. In goal, Matt Russell finished with 14 saves for the boys from California.

Team Hulu 22, Vendetta's 8 - scoresheet
Vendetta’s second game of the day went the opposite direction of their first. Hulu’s Jim Loffredo helped the team to achieve quick scoring by dominating face-offs.

Jagermeister 12, Power Tek 3 - scoresheet
Jagermeister got out to an early lead and never looked back. Riding Marc DiGiovanni’s three consecutive goals to start the game, Jager controlled the tempo this first round matchup the entire time.

A Preview of Photos from Staff Photographer Clark Bell:
Team Adrenaline shucked the Silver Oysters on Athletic Field. Vendetta’s Ryan Wheeler shoots on goalie Joe Meyer of Buddha’s Ballers. Team Adrenaline’s Chris Bok drops ‘em like a rock. Jagermeister’s plentiful shots return them to the semi-finals.

Schedule for Sunday 7/1
11am - Athletic Field - Olympic Club vs Jagermeister
1pm - Athletic Field - Team Hulu vs. Team Adrenaline
9am - Athletic Field - Buddha's Ballers vs. Silver Oyster
3pm - Athletic Field - Power Tek vs. Middlebury
5pm - Ford Field - Vendetta's vs. Staff Alert

Schedule for Saturday 6/30
10am - Athletic Field - Buddha's Ballers vs. Vendetta's
12pm - Athletic Field - Silver Oyster vs Team Adrenaline
12pm - Ford Field - Olympic Club vs. Middlebury
2pm - Athletic Field - Team Hulu vs. Vendetta's
2pm - Ford Field - Jagermeister vs. Power Tek
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tl Team Rosters tr
  198 Players on 9 Masters Teams
See the Rosters
(As submitted by team leaders by 6/30/2012)
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tl 2012 Divisional Preview tr

This year’s Masters Division is comprised of 9 teams including defending Champion, Team Hulu and newcomer Vendetta’s. Past Champions, Jägermeister and Team Adrenaline are looking to take back the trophy and Champion title that was once theirs.

Men's Masters 2012 Bracket

Team Hulu, led by Chris Cortina and 2011 Masters Tournament MVP Kevin McGurn in net, is back to defend their title of 2011 Masters Division Champs. McGurn shouldn’t have much to worry about with his strong defense featuring Zach Gagel and LSM Ben Focht. They have depth in their offense with the return of All-Stars Dave Maguire and John Galvin at attack and F/O Jim Loffredo. Team Hulu is very grateful to On-Call Restaurant Accounting (OCRA), Location3 media, Adrenaline and of course, Hulu, for their generous sponsorships.

Back from the mountains of South America, El Quimico and Team Jägermeister have returned to their roots, in search of another championship belt after two straight losses in the 2010 and 2011 Championship games. Jägermeister will be well protected in the net with the return of 2009 All-Star Goalie Sean O’Rourke. With a mixture of old and older from primarily New York and Connecticut, this team of miscreants and outcasts is looking for first place on and off the field.

Olympic Club is looking to get to the Championship game having finished in third place in both 2010 and 2011. Olympic Club, comprised mostly of players from Northern California, aims to combine on field strength (minimum bench press 500 lbs per player) and agility (think NFL combine skills) with a passion for life off the field. The team returns with 2011 All-Stars Greg Lawler at attack and LSM Mike Leonard.

Back from a disappointing year, Team Adrenaline (formally Genesis Fitness), is returning with many of their core players from their 2010 Championship Team along with several new key additions that will add depth to their defense and bolster the offense. Bobby Magrin will be joining Mike Napolilli, Mike Roth, Kale “Freight Train” Nelson and Kevin Tait on Attack, while Garth Heth will be taking a break from the MMA ring to return to F/O. Goalie Ken Bridges will lead his returning All-Star defensemen Jeff Burroughs, Matt Olley, Brad Kerwin, Troy Ergenbright, and Sean Monahan. Team Adrenaline would like to thank their sponsor, Adrenaline Lacrosse, a leader in the most dynamic, educational and fun lacrosse programs in the country.

A derivative of the fast paced Elite team, The Rocky Mountain Oysters, Silver Oyster enters the 7th consecutive year on the Masters stage. The team is looking to improve on last year's 2-1 final record with the only loss to Team Hulu, the eventual champions. The team consists mostly of Colorado club players with former Oysters returning to their roots for the Tournament.

Middlebury, in their 16th consecutive year competing at the Vail Lacrosse Shootout will field a team featuring many Alumni from classes 1994-2001 as well as a cadre of Middlebury friends. Ken Mahaney will be defending the Middlebury goal in all THREE divisions (Masters, Supermasters and Grandmasters)! Moving the Masters division to the same days as the Elite division will allow the Middlebury Masters players to fraternize with Team Gutman, Middlebury’s Elite division team. You can be sure that they will have more fun this year than the past years when they had to hang out with Grandmasters players who have to play each day at 8:30 AM!

Team Power-Tek returns in 2012 for its second year at the Vail Shootout. The team is comprised of players from Connecticut, Colorado, and Texas, and is anchored again by Scott Hutchinson (NYIT) on defense and Colin McDermott (Towson) at midfield. Some fresh faces also join the Power-Tek squad for 2012, including former Colgate standouts Derek Laub (attack), Andrew Halliday (midfield), Cooper Morrow (defense) and Kevin Kaffl (Nazareth) is the team's new net minder. The Power-Tek team looks to improve on its inaugural 2011 campaign and have a blast as always up at Vail!

Buddha's Ballers return for a fourth year of Vail action with corporate sponsorship, courtesy of Colorado's own Dasher Sports. An eclectic squad of former NCAA and MCLA players from across the globe. Buddha's Ballers hope to continue their winning ways from last summer. Led by former NY/NJ All Stars and Colorado's top Elite players, the Ballers combine old stalwarts with fresh faces in bringing their most competitive roster to the field. With a defense anchored by Jeff Zanelotti and Ryan Callahan and an offense powered by Ron Garcia and Dave Klausner, a balanced Buddha's crew looks to make some noise in 2012.

This year we will also have a new team join the mix. Vendetta’s is run by Mike “Jake” Jakobi. Vendetta’s is sponsored in both Masters and Supermasters divisions by Vendetta’s restaurant in the Vail Village, owned by John Brennan. This year’s team will be comprised of Air Force Academy alumni, Midwest City Lacrosse Conference, (MCLC), Mile High Lacrosse League & Aspen, and CO Club Players. The Tournament is looking forward to what Vendetta’s will bring to the field in the possibility of giving some of the past powerhouses some new competition in the run for the trophy and bragging rights!

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tl Rules of Play tr

For the Masters, Supermasters, and Grandmasters divisions we will play modified USCLA rules. Key exceptions or rules follow.


There is no shot clock. An hour glass may be used if the game reaches that level.


a) Except during pool play, in the event of a tie there will be one 4 minute overtime. Sudden victory if a team scores with less than 5 seconds left in the overtime. During pool play, ties shall be decided by sudden victory.

b) 3 time-outs per game. Time-outs can be used at any time.

c) When a team has possession of the ball, anyone on the field from that team can call time-out.

d) The restraining line will extend from sideline to sideline. The restraining area runs from the restraining line to the end line. (There is no dashed box line.)

e) During the final two minutes of the game, the team with the lead must keep the ball in the restraining area.

f) Penalties (except a non-releasable penalty) shall be released per NCAA rules only after a goal.

g) NCAA rule that requires a player that is bleeding to come out of the game is enforced.

h) NCAA coaching guidelines - players must meet with the coaches in the coaches' area.

i) The ball goes into play immediately on an out-of-bounds - except when a reasonable delay is required to permit the goalie to return to the crease area.

j) Goalies serve only unsportsmanlike penalties of more than one minute.

k) Only 4 longsticks are allowed on the field at a time.

l) Mouthguards are required to be worn by all players.

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tl 2012 Tournament Dates tr
  The 2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout, our 40th, will be mixing it up a bit from the recent divisional order. The tournament will run from Saturday, June 30th to Sunday, July 8th.

Men’s Masters (age 30 and over): June 30, July 1 & 2
    Men's Masters Bracket

Go here for further information and the divisional contacts.
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  Expected Teams for 2012 Shootout:

Men’s Masters: 9 teams (1 more wanted) - Jagermeister, Silver Oyster, Olympic Club, Team Hulu, Buddha's Ballers, Middlebury, Genesis, Power Tek, Vendetta's.
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