Men's Elite Division

July 4-7, 2019

All ages welcome

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This year we are partnering with the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, which strives to inspire and support severely injured and sick lacrosse players and their families. Your team has the opportunity to participate in a Shootout fundraising challenge by competing against other teams to see who can raise the most donations. Teams can invite family and friends to make a pledge per team goal scored during the week, or a make one-time flat donation. All proceeds will benefit the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation and its mission and programs.
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2018 Schedule

Sunday, July 1

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
8:45amFord 1 East4Team Mike Shaw Subaru (14) Elite (19)
10:00amFord 2 West7Jammin' Salmon (18)Black Seals (14)
10:30amFord 1 East3Rocky Mountain Oysters (20)Steve French (6)
12:00pmFord 2 West6NYAC (22)Team Gutman (3)
12:15pmFord 1 East2Team Hawaii (4)Big Green Herd (25)
2:00pmFord 1 East1Rokk3r/Lacrossewear (23)Kansai Select (2)
2:00pmFord 2 West5Team Mike Shaw Subaru (14)Finkel & Garf (7)

Monday, July 2

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
8:45amFord 1 East11NYAC (10) Elite (11) OTWatch
10:00amFord 2 West14Gutman (9)Steve French (16)
10:30amFord 1 East10Rocky Mountain Oysters (15)Team Mike Shaw Subaru (8)Watch
12:00pmFord 2 West13Team Hawaii (7)Finkel & Garf (18)
12:15pmFord 1 East9Jammin' Salmon (6)Big Green Herd (12)Watch
2:00pmFord 1 East8Rokk3r/Lacrossewear (21)Black Seals (3)Watch
2:00pmFord 2 West12Gutman (13)Kansai Select (8)

Tuesday, July 3

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
8:45amFord 1 East18Team Mike Shaw Subaru (18)Jammin' Salmon (16)
10:00amFord 2 West21Kansai Select (15)Team Hawaii (7)
10:30amFord 1 East17Black Seals (12)NYAC (22)
12:00pmFord 2 West20Finkel & Garf (9)Steve French (7)
12:15pmFord 1 East16Rocky Mountain Oysters (16)Big Green Herd (11)Watch
2:00pmFord 2 West19Gutman (19)Team Hawaii (11)
2:00pmFord 1 East15Rokk3r/Lacrossewear (11) Elite (10)Watch

Wednesday, July 4

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amFord 2 West25Team Hawaii (7)Black Seals (10)
9:00amFord 1 East26Finkel & Garf (6)Gutman (8)
9:00amVail Mountain School28Kansai Select (4)Steve French (10)
10:30amFord 2 West5th Place (24)NYAC (20)Team Mike Shaw Subaru (6)
10:30amVail Mountain School27Kansai Select (6)Jammin' Salmon (11)
12:00pmFord 2 West3rd Place (23) Elite (8)Big Green Herd (4)
1:00pmFord 1 EastChampionship (22)Rokk3r/Lacrossewear (21)Rocky Mountain Oysters (7)

Final Standings
1st- Rokk3r/Lacrossewear
2nd- Rocky Mountain Oysters
3rd- Elite
4th- Big Green Herd
5th- NYAC
6th- Team Mike Shaw Subaru

All-Star Team
Greg Melaugh, Elite
Logan Bobzien, Rocky Mountain Oysters
Genya Muto, Kansai Select

John Duffy, Rokk3r/Lacrossewear
Jackson Finnegan, Elite
Jimmy Bitter, Big Green Herd

Connor Filipowski, Elite
BJ Grill, Rokk3r/Lacrossewear
Justin Dunn, Rocky Mountain Oysters

J.D. Hall, Black Seals

Gunnar Waldt, Rokk3r/Lacrossewear

Eric DeJohn, Rokk3r/Lacrossewear