Men's Elite Division

July 1-4, 2018

All ages welcome

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2017 Results

DateTimeLocationGameHomeVisitorGame Link
Saturday, July 112:30pmFord 22Denver Audi (8)Finkel & Garf (12)
Saturday, July 12:00pmFord 13Rokk3r/Lacrossewear (18)Monstars (5)Click here for game stats
Saturday, July 12:00pmEagle Vail4Rock-It-Pocket (13)Team Gutman (5)
Saturday, July 12:00pmHomestake Peak5Epoch Elite (18)Black Seals (8)
Saturday, July 112:00pmHomestake Peak6Lax Gear/Rocky Mtn Oysters (22)Prestige World Wide (0)
Saturday, July 110:00amHomestake Peak7TBL Elite (11)Footprint Bamboo (15)
Saturday, July 110:00amEagle Vail8Boonedoggle (13)Steve French (6)
Saturday, July 112:00amEagle Vail9Jammin' Salmon (9)Mountaineers (15)
Saturday, July 12:00pmFord 210Finkel & Garf (5)Big Green Herd (20)
DateTimeLocationGameHomeVisitorGame Link
Sunday, July 21:00pmFord 111Lacrossewear (20)Rock-it-Pocket (2)Click here for game stats
Sunday, July 29:00amFord 112Epoch Elite (11)Laxgear/Rocky Mountain Oysters (12)Click here for game stats
Sunday, July 29:00amVail Mountain School13Footprint Bamboo (14)Boonedoggle (13)Click here for game stats
Sunday, July 211:00amFord 114Mountaineers (9)Big Green Herd (14)Click here for game stats
Sunday, July 21:00pmFord 215Monstars (10)Team Gutman (6)
Sunday, July 211:00amFord 216Black Seals (23)Prestige Worldwide (9)
Sunday, July 29:00amFord 217TBL Elite (11)Steve French (12)
Sunday, July 212:00pmHomestake Peak18Jammin' Salmon (11)Finkel & Garf (4)
Sunday, July 210:00amHomestake Peak19Denver Audi (12)Jammin' Salmon (11)
DateTimeLocationGameHomeVisitorGame Link
Monday, July 31:00pmFord 120Rokk3r/Lacrossewear (20)Lax Gear/Rocky Mountain Oysters (8)
Monday, July 311:00amFord 121Footprint Bamboo (16)Big Green Herd (17)Watch
Monday, July 39:00amFord 222Rock-it Pocket (7)Epoch Elite (10)
Monday, July 39:00amFord 123Boonedoggle (13)Mountaineers (4)Watch
Monday, July 31:00pmFord 224Monstars (8)Black Seals (14)
Monday, July 311:00amFord 225Steve French (5)Jammin Salmon (22)
Monday, July 310:00amHomestake Peak26Prestige World Wide (9)Denver Audi (16)Click here for game stats
Monday, July 312:00pmHomestake Peak27TBL Elite (17)Denver Audi (11)Click here for game stats
Monday, July 39:00amVail Mountain School28Gutman (12)Finkel & Garf (3)
DateTimeLocationGameHomeVisitorGame Link
Tuesday, July 412:00pmFord 1ChampionshipRokk3r/Lacrossewear (22)Big Green Herd (4)Watch
Tuesday, July 410:30amFord 23rd PlaceLaxgear/Rocky Mountain Oysters (8)Footprint Bamboo (7)
Tuesday, July 49:00amFord 25th PlaceEpoch Elite (1)Boonedoggle (0)- Forfeit
Tuesday, July 410:00amVail Mountain School7th PlaceRock-it-Pocket (7)Mountaineers (8)
Tuesday, July 48:30amFord 1Consolation ChampionshipBlack Seals (21)Jammin' Salmon (9)Watch
Tuesday, July 411:30amVail Mountain School34Monstars (17)Steve French (6)
Tuesday, July 48:30amVail Mountain School35Team Gutman (10)Denver Audi (8)
Tuesday, July 410:30pmHomestake Peak36Prestige Worldwide (6)TBL Elite (16)
Tuesday, July 49:00amHomestake Peak37Finkel & Garf (10)Prestige Worldwide (3)


2017 All-Star Team
Todd Heritage (Big Green Herd)
Nate Solomon (Rokk3R/Lacrossewear)
Connor Fields (Rokk3R/Lacrossewear)
Brian Kormondy (Lax Gear/Rock Mountain Oysters)
Colin Dunster (Footprint Bamboo)
Wills Miller (Big Green Herd)
TD Ierlan (Rokk3R/Lacrossewear)
Nick Brozowski (Epoch Elite)
Bill O’Brien (TBL Elite)
Kyle Press (Denver Audi)
Gunnar Waldt (Footprint Bamboo)
TD Ierlan (Rokk3R/Lacrossewear)
Paul Landaiche (Rokk3R/Lacrossewear)
Mike Miner (Rokk3R/Lacrossewear)

2017 Men's Elite Champions


2017 Men's Elite Champs