Men's Masters Division

July 2-4, 2020

Ages 30+

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This year, we are partnering with the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation whose goal is to share, support and inspire severely injured and sick lacrosse players, many of whom are children with cancer, and their families. CPWLF creates a network of support around its families who are undergoing difficult circumstances and stays with the families throughout their journeys. Whether it’s a visit in the hospital, to the rehab center or in their own homes, the CPWLF’s goal is to provide a tangible layer of emotional support and encouragement to the player and the family on their journey toward wellness. CPWLF provides a community hub to promote the awareness of good causes, to raise funds for those in need and to continue cheering their lungs out in support of lacrosse families throughout the recovery process. CPWLF has supported more than 30 players and families since 2014, and its goal is to double that reach in the next few years.
Your team has the opportunity to participate in a Shootout fundraising challenge by competing against other teams to see who can raise the most in donations. Teams can invite family and friends to make a pledge per team goal scored during the week, or make a one-time donation. The team with the most in donations will win a Powell Lacrosse stick for each team member! All proceeds will benefit the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation in its mission to share, support and inspire.

2019 Schedule

Thursday, July 4

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
10:00amVail Mountain School2Legends (8)Silver Oysters (8) 3OT
11:30amVail Mountain School3Tony's Tavern (10)WLF Smoke/Bayne (9) OT
1:00pmVail Mountain School4Middlebury (16)10th Mountain Whiskey (7)
2:30pmVail Mountain School5Silver Oysters (7)Tony's Tavern (4)
4:00pmVail Mountain School6Legends (7)WLF/Bayne (5)

Friday, July 5

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
10:00amVail Mountain School810th Mountain Whiskey (8)Legends (9)
11:30amVail Mountain School11WLF/Bayne (6)10th Mountain Whiskey (5)
1:00pmVail Mountain School9Middlebury (7)Silver Oysters (8)
2:30pmVail Mountain School10Legends (7)Tony's Tavern (3)

Saturday, July 6

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
8:30amVail Mountain School5th PlaceTony's Tavern (2)10th Mountain Whiskey (6)
10:00amVail Mountain School12Middlebury (9)Legends (6)
11:30amVail Mountain School3rd PlaceLegends (4)WLF/Bayne (7)
1:00pmVail Mountain SchoolChampionshipSilver Oysters (6)Middlebury (5)

Final Standings
1st – Silver Oysters
2nd – Middlebury’s Team Gutman
3rd – Bayne/WLF
4th – Legends
5th – 10th Mountain Whiskey
6th – Tony’s Tavern

2019 Champions- Laxgear Silver Oysters

2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Masters Champions