U19 High School Boys Division

June 30 - July 3, 2019

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This year we are partnering with the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, which strives to inspire and support severely injured and sick lacrosse players and their families. Your team has the opportunity to participate in a Shootout fundraising challenge by competing against other teams to see who can raise the most donations. Teams can invite family and friends to make a pledge per team goal scored during the week, or a make one-time flat donation. All proceeds will benefit the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation and its mission and programs.

2018 Schedule

Sunday, June 24

TimeLocationConferenceVisitorHomeGame Link
12:30pmFord Field 1 EastAWasatch LC (6)Laxachusetts (9)
1:45pmFord Field 1 EastATeam 18 Natl (10)Wasatch LC (6)
3:00pmFord Field 1 EastATeam 18 Natl (7)Laxachusetts (13)
12:00pmVail Mountain SchoolB3d Lacrosse (10)ADRLN Tropics (7)
1:00pmVail Mountain SchoolBFlorida Kings (8)True Lacrosse (7)
2:00pmVail Mountain SchoolBFlorida Kings (2)ADRLN Tropics (8)
3:00pmVail Mountain SchoolBTrue Lacrosse (2)3d Lacrosse (8)
4:00pmVail Mountain SchoolBFlorida Kings (1)3d Lacrosse (10)
5:00pmVail Mountain SchoolBTrue Lacrosse (0)ADRLN Tropics (1)
12:30pmFord Field 2 WestCMinnesota Chill (1)FCA Lacrosse (13)
1:45pmFord Field 2 WestCMinnesota Chill (6)Team Colorado (12)
3:00pmFord Field 2 WestCTeam Colorado (5)FCA Lacrosse (10)

Monday, June 25

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amFord 2 West2Team 18 National (3)ADRLN Tropics (18)Click here for game stats
9:00amFord 1 East 3FCA (18)Florida Kings (5)Click here for game stats
11:00amFord 1 East1Laxachusetts (21)Minnesota Chill (1)Click here for game stats
11:00amFord 2 West43d Lacrosse (11)Team Colorado (14)Click here for game stats
1:00pmFord 2 West5Wasatch (10)True Lacrosse (15)Click here for game stats

Tuesday, June 26

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amFord 2 West8True Lacrosse (12)Minnesota Chill (9)
9:00amFord 1 East 6Laxachusetts (7)ADRLN Tropics (6)Watch Here
11:00amFord 1 East7FCA (15)Team Colorado (6)Watch Here
11:00amFord 2 West9Team 18 National (12)Florida Kings (11) OT
1:00pmFord 2 West103d Lacrosse (18)Wasatch (6)

Wednesday, June 27

TimeLocationGameVisitorHomeGame Link
8:00amVail Mountain School15Florida Kings (17)Wasatch (11)
9:30amVail Mountain School143d Lacrosse (12)MN Chill (2)
9:00amFord 2 West13True Lacrosse (3)Team 18 Natl. (9)
9:00amFord 1 East3rd PlaceADRLN Tropics (12)Team Colorado (11)Click here to watch game
11:00amFord 1 EastChampionshipLaxachusetts (9)FCA (14)Click here to watch game

Final Standings
1st - FCA
2nd - Laxachusetts
3rd – ADRLN Tropics
4th – Team Colorado
5th – Team 18 Natl
6th – True Lacrosse
7th – 3d Lacrosse
8th – MN Chill
9th – Florida Kings
10th- Wasatch


All-Star Team
Tommy Schelling, 11, FCA
Michael Swirballis, 22, Laxachusetts
Nick DeMaio, 29, ADRLN Tropics

Henry Shertzinger, 3, FCA
Nick Loring, 14, Laxachusetts
Jimmy Erickson, 1, Team Colorado

Will Bowen, 4, Laxachusetts
Charley Macy, 62, Team 18
Sam Hauser, 66, MN Chill

BJ Farrare, 3, FCA

Jack Schlendorf, 5, ADRLN Tropics

Mike Sisselberger, 14, FCA

Drew Wardlow

2018 Champions- FCA

2018 U-19 Boys Champs Team FCA