U19 High School Boys Division

June 24-27, 2018

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Round Robin Schedule

DateTimeLocationConferenceHomeVisitorGame Link
Sunday, June 2510:00amFord 1AFlorida Kings (3)Red Bandana (8)
Sunday, June 2511:30amFord 1ATrue Lacrosse (9)Florida Kings (10)
Sunday, June 251:00pmFord 1ATrue Lacrosse (6)Red Bandana (13)
Sunday, June 2510:00amVail Mountain SchoolBWasatch LC (4)FCA Lacrosse (14)
Sunday, June 2511:30amVail Mountain SchoolB3D National (5)FCA Lacrosse (11)
Sunday, June 251:00pmVail Mountain SchoolB3D National (18)Wasatch LC (4)
Sunday, June 2510:00amAthletic FieldCKC Blue Lion (7)Minnesota Chill (10)
Sunday, June 2511:30amAthletic FieldCKC Blue Lion (2)ADRLN Tropics (18)
Sunday, June 251:00pmAthletic FieldCMinnesota Chill (4)ADRLN Tropics (20)
Sunday, June 2510:00amFord 2DLaxachusetts (15)Team Colorado (12)

Division 1 Schedule

DateTimeLocationGameHomeVisitorGame Link
Monday, June 2611:00amFord 11Red Bandana (13)Team Colorado (8)Watch
Monday, June 2611:00amFord 22ADRLN Tropics (11)3D National (7)
Monday, June 269:00amFord 13Laxachusetts (15)Florida Kings (5)Watch
Monday, June 269:00amFord 24FCA (20)MN Chill (3)
Tuesday, June 2711:00amFord 17Red Bandana (6)ADRLN Tropics (13)
Tuesday, June 279:00amFord 18Laxachusetts (14)FCA (9)Game Link
Tuesday, June 2711:30amFord 25Team Colorado (21)3D National (8)
Tuesday, June 279:00amFord 26Florida Kings (5)MN Chill (9)
Wednesday, June 2811:00amFord 1D1 ChampionshipADRLN Tropics (9)Laxachusetts (13)
Wednesday, June 289:00am Ford 1D1 3rd PlaceRed Bandana (6)FCA (18)Game Link
Wednesday, June 289:00amFord 2D1 5th PlaceTeam Colorado (21)MN Chill (8)
Wednesday, June 287:30amFord 2D1 7th PlaceKC Blue Lions (6)Florida Kings (18)

Division 2 Schedule

Monday, June 269:00amVail Mountain School1True Lax (4)Wasatch LC (11)
Monday, June 2611:00amVail Mountain School2KC Blue Lion (4)True Lax (8)
Tuesday, June 2711:00amVail Mountain School3KC Blue Lion (5)Wasatch LC (19)
Tuesday, June 279:00amVail Mountain School4True Lax (7)Team Colorado (14)
Wednesday, June 287:30amVail Mountain School6Wasatch (3)True Lacrosse (8)
Wednesday, June 289:00am Vail Mountain School73D National (14)Wasatch (8)

All-Star Team
- Drew Bouman, Minnesota Chill
LSM- Noah Rubin, ADRLN Tropics
Bill Bowen, Laxachusetts
Jordan Pakzad, ADRLN Tropics
Joey Soran, Team Colorado
Jack Frisoli, Laxachusetts
Bryan Evans, ADRLN Tropics
Aaron Boyd, Team Colorado
Nick DiMaio, Red Bandana
John Piatelli, Laxachusetts
Joey Edell, True Lacrosse
Justin Shockey, FC
Mike Sisselberger, Wasatch
MVP- John Piatelli, Laxachusetts
Tournament coach of the year- Tim Shea, Laxachusetts

2017 High School Boys Champions