Women's Elite

2018 Results

2018 Results

Coastal ColoradoJammin' SalmonettesLAXaDAZEicalzTexaradosTeam Wild

The play begins with round-robin play. Play continues on Tuesday with a modified bracket play to determine the top two teams to play in the Championship game on Wednesday.

Sunday, July 1

TimeLocationVisitorHomeGame Link
11:00amAthleticCoastal Colorado (5)Jammin' Salmonettes (8)
12:15pmAthleticLAXaDAZEicals (9)Texarados (5)
1:30pmAthleticTeam Wild (17)Coastal Colorado (8)
2:45pmAthleticJammin' Salmonettes (5)LAXaDAZEicals (7)

Monday, July 2

TimeLocationVisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amAthleticTexaradosTeam Wild
10:15pmAthleticCoastal ColoradoLAXaDAZEicalz
11:30amAthleticTeam WildJammin' Salmonettes
12:45pmAthleticTexaradosCoastal Colorado

Tuesday, July 3

TimeLocationGame Number
VisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amAthleticLAXaDAZEicalz (11)Team Wild (6)
10:10pmAthleticJammin' Salmonettes (10)Texarados (11) OT
11:40amAthleticG1Team Wild (17)Coastal Colorado (3)
12:50pmAthleticG2Texarados (7)Jammin' Salmonettes (6)
2:00pmAthleticG3LAXaDAZEicalz (1)Team Wild (0) [Forfeit]

Wednesday, July 4

TimeLocationVisitorHomeGame Link
8:30amAthleticTeam Wild (0)Jammin' Salmonettes (1)
9:30amAthleticTexarados (4)LAXaDAZEicalz (9)

Final Standings
1st- LAXaDAZEicalz
2nd- Texarados
3rd- Jammin’ Salmonettes
4th- Team Wild


All-Star Team
Bobbie Sagan, 7, Jammin’ Salmonettes
Amie Dickinson, 7, Team Wild
Alli Sciarretta, 24, Team Wild

Lauren Hurd, 32, Coastal Colorado
Persy Sample, 5, Jammin’ Salmonettes
Shelby Parks, 89, Texarados
Bailey Zerr, 16, Texarados
Hannah Krats, 3, LAXaDAZEicalz
Eliza Radichonski, 26, LAXaDAZEicalz

Allison Phelan, 18, Jammin’ Salmon
Alyssa Hardesty, 24, Texarados

Goalie & MVP
Hannah Hook, 12, LAXaDAZEicalz

Cat Fowler, 11, Team Wild

2018 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Elite Women's Champs