Women's Elite

Post High School

July 1 - 4, 2021

2021 Registration

For more information, contact Michelle Secor at secorjm@gmail.com or call 719.310.8614.

If you are a free agent looking for a team, please contact Michelle Secor at the information above. Please do not register online until you have been officially placed with a team.

2019 Schedule

Regular games are played on Athletic Field. Championship game is on Ford Field.

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Thursday, July 4

TimeLocationVisitorHomeGame Link
12:30pmAthleticLAXaDAZEicalz (7)Jammin' Salmonettes (9)Game Stats
1:40pmAthleticTeam Wild (17)U-Rad (0)Game Stats
2:50pmAthleticRage (9)The Tools (8)Game Stats

Friday, July 5

TimeLocationVisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amAthleticU-Rad (2)The Tools (12)Game Stats
10:10amAthleticTeam Wild (7)LAXaDAZEicalz (6)Game Stats
11:20amAthleticU-Rad (3)Rage (14)Game Stats
12:30pmAthleticJammin' Salmonettes (9)Team Wild (10)Game Stats
1:40pmAthleticThe Tools (7)LAXaDAZEicalz (10)Game Stats
2:50pmAthleticRage (6)Jammin' Salmonettes (15)Game Stats

Saturday, July 6

TimeLocationVisitorHomeGame Link
9:00amAthleticTeam Wild (4)Rage (9)Game Stats
10:10amAthleticU-Rad (3)LAXaDAZEicalz (15)Game Stats
11:20amAthleticTeam Wild (6)The Tools (7)Game Stats
12:30pmAthleticJammin' Salmonettes (18)U-Rad (0)Game Stats
1:40pmAthleticRage (4)LAXaDAZEicalz (7)Game Stats
2:50pmAthleticThe Tools (4)Jammin'Salmonettes (13)Game Stats

Sunday, July 7

TimeLocation VisitorHomeGame Link
8:00amAthletic5th Place GameU-Rad (6)The Tools (14)Game Stats
9:00amAthletic3rd Place GameTeam Wild (8)Rage (10)Game Stats
10:30amFordChampionship GameLAXaDAZEicalz (6)Jammin' Salmonettes (7)Game Stats

Final Standings
1st – Jammin’ Salmonettes
2nd – LAXaDAZEicalz
3rd – Rage
4th – Team Wild
5th – The Tools
6th – U-Rad

All-Tournament Team
Jammin’ Salmonettes - Kirstie Greenlaw (MVP)
Jammin’ Salmonettes - Molly Snively
Jammin’ Salmonettes - Allison Phelan
Jammin’ Salmonettes - Jenna Hofmann
LAXaDAZEicalz - Eliza Radochonski
LAXiDAZEicalz - Caitlin Derry
LAXiDAZEicalz - Hunter Gray
The Tools - Jessica Tobey
The Tools - Brianna Martinez
Team Wild - Emma McDonough
Team Wild - Katie Ritter
Rage - Emily Wadds
Coach/Team Rep:
Rage - Sarah Cooper

2019 Champions - Jammin' Salmonettes

2019 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Womens Elite Champs